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The good old profile shot, when all you need is their face to laugh at...


-Straight to point

-One of the most popular choices

Choose either digital or traditional

Want a special piece of art

personalised for you?

Christmas cards, halloween scary pictures, anniversay portraits, a special birthday present, large themed group pictures of your 

family or a loved one 

with their treasured


How do I order a caricature?

If you're ready to order a custom caricature from me I'll need a few details from you so that I can get it looking just right! It's not complicated but I will need some good clear photos to work from.

Below are some of the options I offer, but if the custom drawing you've got in mind isn't listed, just drop me an email and lets chat.

Here's how to order a hand drawn caricature:


  • Click on a caricature style from the list above and below

  • Use the email form to tell me all the details!

  • Is there a theme for your pic like a job, hobby, vehicle or pet? You can also tell me here if you've got ideas for the background.

  •  I'll get back to you for photos and any other info I need to get drawing

  • Once I've got everything I need and I'm happy that you're happy I'll send you a Paypal invoice

  • I will post your picture out to you or to the recipient of your choice within a week of the invoice being paid.

Got a theme in mind? Tell me all about it!

A themed caricature is a fantastic personalised gift for a birthday, anniversary, leaving do or retirement, or just as a very special gift. Do you want to brighten up your walls at work and make your customers smile? A workplace-themed caricature is a great choice. Other themed caricatures I've are drawn have been based on gardening, bee-keeping, pets, drinks...the list is as long as your imagination!

Choose this option if you've got a great theme in mind and I can put your victim in the picture with the things they love.

Get your fur children perminantely placed on your wall

Capture the side of your pet you've only seen in your head until now, in full colour.

Can be drawn as a theme or a profile

You can be drawn with your pet for the price of a double

Love to ride your bike?! Me too!..

Why not get yourself cartoonified with your faithful Iron steed.

Just send me 3 pictures out of the 4000 you have of your bike,

and 3 of you.

We'll have you climbing everest, decending the cliffs of rampage... Or tackling the dizzy heights of step ladders for all the shorter riders out there :D

If you're more of a petrol head, then let me draw you

with your treasured torque monster..

Get all your friends/Co workers/Family all in one shot!

Have a pub, restaurant, a work team, large family or even just a large gathering of friends you'd like to see at their very silliest?

Well look no further!

I'm here to help!

Like all pictures on here this requires an email sent, in order to help

keep things as smooth as possible.

When deciding to have a group picture, here's a list of thing to consider.

1) You'll want to know exactly how many people you want in your group.

2)With any photos you send provide a small description of their character and possible relationships with others in the group.

3) Decide if you want them in a location with a theme

     or just as profile head and shoulder pictures.

4) Decide if you want your picture in colour or black and white.

Knowing all of this before will help speed up the process

and will also make it easier to quote for.

With large projects be prepared for the finished item to take up to 30 days to complete

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